Our Path


We are students with the aim to find people in this world, who we can support with our engineering knowledge. In order to do so, we meet up, organize ourselves and step into action.


We travel to countries all over the world. Meet people, listen to them and tell them all about us. With open eyes and ears we are constantly looking for the next community, the next village, the next project...



In foreign countries we implement, what we planned at home. With all our power we work hand in hand with our fellow countrymen for our common project. We return as builders and friends.


Education is probably the only resource that multiplies itself if shared. We share it and carry it out into the world.



Electric energy empowers us exceptionally. Not everywhere in this world the supply can be taken for granted. We provide access.



Our life depends on our health, but also on our quality of life! With our Projects we create quality of life.



Infrastructure, the basis of every economy. We create infrastructures to bring progress to the world.



Water is the source of life. But too often there is a shortage. We can create access, install distributions and improve quality.

4 all

People live in the world. With our nonprofit organization and our projects our aim is to help all people.

Our Project Locations
World Map Sudan South Sudan Georgia Peru Burkina Faso France Guadeloupe Martinique Reunion Mayotte French Guiana Libya Belarus Pakistan Indonesia Yemen Madagascar Bolivia, Plurinational State of Serbia Cote d'Ivoire Algeria Switzerland Cameroon Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Botswana Kenya Taiwan, Province of China Jordan Mexico United Arab Emirates Belize Brazil Sierra Leone Mali Congo, the Democratic Republic of the Italy Somalia Afghanistan Bangladesh Dominican Republic Guinea-Bissau Ghana Austria Sweden Turkey Uganda Mozambique New Zealand Cuba Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of Portugal Colombia Mauritania Angola Germany Thailand Australia Papua New Guinea Iraq Croatia Greenland Niger Denmark Latvia Romania Zambia Myanmar Ethiopia Guatemala Suriname Western Sahara Czech Republic Chad Albania Finland Syrian Arab Republic Kyrgyzstan Solomon Islands Oman Panama Argentina United Kingdom Costa Rica Paraguay Guinea Ireland Nigeria Tunisia Poland Namibia South Africa Egypt Tanzania, United Republic of Saudi Arabia Viet Nam Russian Federation Haiti Bosnia and Herzegovina India China Hong Kong Macao Canada