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Info Evening on 08.11.2021

We are looking for you! Become a part of EWB and enrich our work with your dedication and your ideas. For more information, please go this way.

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Our Path


We want to support local initiatives in the Global South that aim to bring about a sustainable change in the living conditions there. For this purpose, we meet the local people, listen to them and tell them about us. Together we look for common ground and for projects where EWB can support.

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The goal of our planning is to find holistic approaches and to realize sustainable solutions. This is possible through close cooperation with local organizations, authorities and, above all, through the involvement of local residents in projects from the very beginning. Our commitment includes not only engineering work, but also comprehensive social work, marketing, fundraising and much more.



The local people and EWB members work together with full commitment to implement the projects. The integration of local knowledge is essential for the success of the project. In addition to the technical aspects, getting to know each other and personal exchange are also valuable for a better understanding among each other.


We support the project organizations in their plans to build schools and educational facilities. These contribute to securing places of learning and expanding educational opportunities.



Together with our project partners, we use solar and hydropower to provide safe and sustainable electricity for community centers, schools and water supply systems.



We support our partners in the planning and implementation of sanitary facilities and health stations, especially as part of social institutions.



The construction of infrastructure is the overall goal of the cooperation between EWB and the local organizations on site. Examples include water supply systems, buildings and bridges.



Together with the people on site, we ensure secure access to useful and drinking water for schools, communities and agricultural projects.

Our Project Locations
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