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EWB - KIT e.V.

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Sparkasse Karlsruhe


DE25 6605 0101 0108 0856 55



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Donation in kind

You would like to donate material to a project? Please write an e-mail to the fundraising manager of the project.



You would like to make a donation online? Select a project.



You would like to become a sponsoring member and give us long-term support? Fill out the membership form.


Why support EWB?

Our projects depend on your support.

We carry out our projects voluntarily because we have fun doing it and are convinced of the matter. Support this commitment.

Our development work lives on the proximity to the people in need. We ourselves travel to developing countries to search for projects, talk to the needy, mold visions with them and define our goals. Direct development cooperation with those who need it.

You can find out for what the project donations were used for by clicking on the button “donations” on the project pages. With donations to EWB we pay our web hosting, measures for advertising purposes and individual purchases for the organization.

We are part of the “Initiative Transparente Zivilgesellschaft“. Our organization work is open to everyone.

You will receive a donation receipt from us. As a non-profit organization these will be issued for donations of 50€ and higher. This also applies to donations in kind and services. We need your full address, for a safe postal delivery of the donation receipt. Add it to your transfer form or send it to the fundraising contact of the project or the organization via email.

How can I support EWB?

Help us with a one-time donation. This could be a monetary donation or a donation in kind. Or become a supporting member of our organization and help us in the long-run. Or you can use Amazon Smile. Our organization is also based on non-material support. Help us with your advice or speak up for our cause by writing a testimonial for our organization.

Monetary Donation

Donate a one-time sum to one of our projects or EWB in general.

 Bank Account
 Name Engineers without Borders
 Bank Sparkasse Karlsruhe
 Usage field Adress for donation receipt
 IBAN DE 25 66 050 101 010 808 565 5

Or just use the online platform betterplace to donate online:




You can use the donation forms, which you can find by clicking on “Donation Form” at the top of the page (not every project has its own donation form). Thanks to betterplace this is possible through:

  • Direct debit
  • Credit card
  • PayPal
  • giropay

2.5% of the donations will be withheld by Betterplace to cover the transaction costs. They will issue a donation receipt.
If you have any questions, get in touch with the contact person of the project you’re interested in, the fundraising coordinator or our treasurer. You will find their contact details at the bottom of the page.

Donation Receipt

Donation receipts are usually sent out four times a year due to the time and effort they bring with them. As a voluntary organization, we don’t use any of our donations for the administration of our finances. That’s the reason why we can’t respond to every request for a donation receipt immediately. However, you will definitely receive your donation receipt in time for your tax return. If you wish to receive a donation receipt, please state your address in the reason for payment.

Become a Sponsoring Member

By becoming a sponsoring member you will support the Engineers Without Borders long term!

As a sponsoring member you give weight to our concerns and make our project work as a whole possible! If desired, you will receive information about EWB Karlsruhe in our annual e-mail newsletter. In addition, you are welcome to attend the annual general meeting, exchange yourself personally with other members, and share your valuable inspirations, ideas or criticism.

To become a sponsoring member, please fill in the form online or send us the filled in PDF form by post to the given address. Please consider that forms sent to us by email are not sufficient for legal reasons.


Using AmazonSmile

You often order something on amazon and want to support us without paying for it? Excellent! Through AmazonSmile amazon donates 0.5% of your purchase value to us without you paying any extra. Helping can be this easy: just log in on instead of, select Engineers Without Borders – KIT e.V. and shop as usual on amazon. Or just click on the following link:

Become an Advocate

Help us to spread the word of EWB Karlsruhe worldwide. Let others know what you think of EWB and our projects. Your advocacy will be a great support for us.

You want to give feedback on our organization or our projects? Get in touch with the head of the fundraising team of a particular project or the fundraising coordinator of EWB via email.

Contact Person
Niklas Könnecke
Sven Stellmacher
Mayela Ledesma Ruiz
Leon Schulz
Felix Hofmann
Fabian Baum
Isabel Waibel
Sara-Loren Medugorac