You want to initiate a new project group? Please contact our Deputy Chairman. He will help you.

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Event for people interested in EWB work on 29.10.2018

We are looking for new members! You can also be a part of EWB and enrichen our work with your commitment and your ideas.
To show you what EWB is all about, we will have an event for people interested in EWB work. It takes place on the 29th of October, 19.00, in Fritz-Haller lecture hall (building 20.40). In this event we will present you our work for EWB and give a short overview on each of our projects. After that, you will have the chance to ask experienced EWB members from different projects groups anything you want and to let them tell you their best EWB stories.
Since we have a lot of different assignments, we are sure there will be a good place for everyone.
Looking forward to meet you!

How can I become a part of EWB?

Join an existing project group. Here, you are specifically involved in the organization and planning of the project and will take on tasks such as fundraising, construction, logistics or travel planning. You already have contacts in a developing country or a special relationship with a developing country? So why not start a new project? Or support our board and departmental work. In the board, you coordinate the cooperation between the projects and the cooperation between the departments. In addition, you organize and manage the structures of our organization. In our departments of Public Relations, Human Resources, IT and Knowledge Management, we create the fundamentals and tools we need for our projects. Here, too, you can get involved.

What features EWB Karlsruhe especially is the fact that all members volunteer. We are therefore glad about anyone who wants to join our cause.

Join an existing project group.

If you want to join an existing project group, you are welcome to attend the project’s regular meeting. The times for each project group can be found in the table below. However, some project groups do not meet every week. For this reason, you can write an email to the “contact for new members” of the group you want to join. He will tell you when and where the group meets. You can find his contact at the end of the page with the corresponding project name.

Project Weekday Time Room
Colombia Tuesday 19.15 “Alte Bibliothek” in “altes Bauingenieur-Gebäude”
Haiti Wednesday 19.00 “Alte Bibliothek” in “altes Bauingenieur-Gebäude”
Congo Monday 18.00 IWG Seminarraum
Uganda Wednesday 18.00 Building 50.31, Room 012
India (Gramodaya) Wednesday 19.00 Please ask the contact for new members
India (Aam Digital) Thursday 19.15 Please ask the contact for new members
Nepal Thursday 19.00 IWG Seminarraum
Sri Lanka Wednesday 19.00 IWG Seminarraum
Water Treatment Dienstags 19.30 IWG Seminarraum

Initiate a new project

You have a special relationship to a developing country? And maybe even contacts to potential project partners? Or simply a great desire to find a project and take it into your own hands? Then you are right with us. Please write an email to our deputy chairman. He will be able to help you. You can find his contact at the end of the page.

Become a member

Join our organization if you feel like you belong to us . If you want to participate in a project, you should become a member. Thereby, you also receive the right to vote at our General Meeting, in which we make important votes for the organization. You can get a membership form from the project manager at the meetings of a project group, which is of interest to you.

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